Start your company’s digital transformation by digitizing your documents

Start your company’s digital transformation by digitizing your documents

We evolve digitization so that you can eliminate your physical documents and transform to digital.

We are distributors of I2S and Kirtas, international companies that have the largest variety of robots, leading the market in solutions for the digitization of documents, developing projects for all types of industries and departments.

Digitization has allowed all types of companies, small, medium and large, to transform their physical documentation into digital, storing them centrally in the cloud through our Digital Automation Platform. Also, digitization makes it possible to digitally sign all documents, with full legal validity and in a secure manner.

The benefits of document digitalization are:

  • Time saving: With document digitization you can find all the content quickly and effectively from our Digital Automation Platform.
  • Cost reduction: It reduces storage and management costs.
  • Facilitates traceability and management of your documents.
  • Increased security: Ensure the protection of documents through the designation of responsible persons, generating restrictions and access codes.
  • Quick access to documents: From our Digital Automation Platform you will be able to access all documents stored centrally. You can also access your documents from any mobile device.
  • Reduce the use of paper: The digital transformation leads to enhance environmental awareness in companies, benefiting the environment by consuming less paper, saving energy and resources in the printing process.

All types of documents can be digitized with our robots and centralized in our Digital Automation Platform. In your company you can digitize: contracts, bills, invoices, credit notes, debit notes, waybills, and many others.

Request a live demo at and let’s digitize together your work documents. Also, centralize your documents with the Digital Automation Platform and integrate digital signatures.

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