Digital solutions for all your company’s departments.

Digital solutions for all your company’s departments.


Discover all your company’s departments that can benefit from using Despapeliza’s digital solutions.

With our de-paperization platform you can automate your processes regardless of the area to which they belong, our solutions adapt and work according to the needs of your team and organization.

Here are some of the processes of your company that can be optimized by Despapeliza in different departments.

Trade and sales

You will be able to quickly manage all your client’s commercial agreements and in a solution integrated with your CRM. Provide a sales tool that allows your executives to close deals and sign contracts digitally, remotely.

Human Resources

Robotic automation (RPA) and digitization are excellent solutions for processes that require filling out forms, capturing and updating data, and processing requests. Accelerate you employee’s digital transformationWith Despapeliza we accelerate the digital transformation of your human team, easily integrating your internal compensation, recruitment or hiring solutions with our platform. 

Logistics and Operations

Digitization improves cycle times, speed, capacity and asset efficiency. It also raises customer, supplier and employee satisfaction, while reducing operating costs in inventory management actions, freight, returns, supplies, contracts and invoices.


In finance and accounting activities, robotization and digitization boosts efficiency, precision, and helps deliver much faster work cycles. It can build on to procedures such as: Incentives, collections, and managing purchase orders.


Legal Departments are under constant pressure due to the demand for different tasks from internal departments and burdened by the responsibility of keeping companies’ risk limited. With Despapeliza we simplify the process and improve document management, considerably reducing legal risks, increasing productivity in the area and allowing you to sign and manage documents such as: powers of attorney, contract adjustments and certified copies.

Customer service

The automation of customer service allows you to reduce response time, improve interactions and acquire a database that helps you improve your service to achieve customer satisfaction.

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